Scholarship Award Selection Guideline

My Dream International Foundation (MDIF)

Scholarship Award Selection Guideline

June 25, 2013

To recognize outstanding young generation in the United States with Korean heritage who excel in services to the community, and have demonstrated a potential to become future leaders of the society.

Scholarship Categories

  • General Scholarships (multiple) :
    • $1,000 per award for college students
    • $500 per award for middle/high school students
  • Endowment College Scholarships (up to 4 years in college)
    • Dr. Chang Hyun Son Scholarship : $1,000 per year
    • Mrs. Kyu Ja Cho Scholarship : $1,000 per year
    • Mr. Wook Chong Kwon Scholarship : $1,000 per year
    • Mrs. Young Hye Roh Scholarship : $1,000 per year
  • Foundation Vision Scholarships (up to 4 years in college)
    • Foundation Vision Scholarship : $3,000 per year


  • My Dream Contest finalists for the U.S. and some regional second place winners
  • My Dream Contestant winners from Europe, Oceania, Russia, Japan, and China
  • Collegiate Korean Gahgok Festival and MDIF Culture Festival finalists (tentative)
  • Students recommended by each chapter (currently DFW and DC)

Eligibility minimum requirements

  • Applicant must have a school GPA 2.5 or above on 4.0 scale
  • Applicant must document a leadership and/or volunteer experience

Evaluation Criteria

  • Leadership activities and community service- 40%
  • Essay – 40%
  • Academic performance – 20%

Required documents

  • Most recent school transcript (2 years minimum)
  • Application form provided by MDIF
  • Essay (either in Korean or English)
  • Essay theme (choose one): [1] Word that prompted hope (희망을 심어 주는 단어) [2] A special friend of mine (나에게 특별한 친구)

How to apply

  • Application forms for the scholarship are available online and may be printed at: http:www.MDIFoundation/scholarship.
  • Please send application forms and required documents to the MDIF Scholarship Committee Chair;

Dr. Myong Ho (Lucy) Nam
Inova Central Laboratory
2831 Juniper Street
Fairfax, VA 22031

Application forms must be received no later than September 10, 2013

Recipient announcement
September 25, 2013

Award ceremony
At the MDIF’s My Dream Gala (November 2, 2013, Houston, TX)
(Scholarship recipients are expected to attend the award ceremony at the Gala. Travel expense assistance will be provided)


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